Why I Hack …

Hello to all my readers out there!!! *crickets*  Okay, not so much since this is my first post, hopefully there will be a lot more to come, and a reader/stalker or two.  I’ve been on my gluten free journey since July of 2012, after I discovered a gluten sensitivity in my baby girl.  And of course, as these things work, what I eat she eats, so no gluten for mama!  But the wonderful side effect was my tummy bloat practically disappearing, much more energy, better mental clarity, and weirdly enough less back ache! 

I’d love to say that I don’t miss gluten one bit, but I do … I do so very much!  I was a bread fiend, and at heart still am.  Don’t even get me started on pizza!!  Thankfully for my sanity there is a lot of decent gluten free pasta out there, so no pasta withdrawal.  So, I’m on a mission to figure out how to live without gluten and still have the foods I love.  I’m imagining the universe giving me a full belly laugh at this moment.  But I do believe it’s possible, and there are GREAT gluten free recipes out there already!  I WILL have my cake, and eat it too … and I mean that literally!  I’ll also be trying to keep my recipes as clean as possible, avoiding prepackaged and processed foods.  I find my body just works better that way.

This is my outlet for my recipes, experiments, and whatnot.  It’s for fun, so I hope you have fun reading it, and maybe try a recipe or two … or share one if you’d like!  I hope you enjoy!


The Gluten-Free Hacker


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